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WinS Program (Wash in Schools)

 Wash in Schools (WinS Program)

Our “WinS program: WASH in Schools” already started in all classes of the schools, we follow each month, is necessary and is a priority for the sake of the students and their families live in our villages, whose theme is:

– Are microbes dangerous ; – The use of drinking water ; – Fecal peril ; – Waste in urban areas ; 

– Washing of hands ; – Brushing of the teeth ; – Cleaning of the body

With educational and visual material support and donation to all students of hygienic materials (toothbrush, comb,…).


My information what I do

Since two years, I work like social worker as voluntary for the NGO Voice Of Universal Education Society in Udaipur.

French teacher, I teach the woodcarving, the carpentry-cabinetmaking, the history of art, the computer with all applications and my current mission is  teaching and sharing my knowledge for the ” WinS Program ” (Wash in Schools) in the schools of the district of Udaipur.

During my course I offer games, I show videos and do all children involved in the program of “Swachh Bharat” with materials necessary for their good understanding.

This book is an indispensable tool for all teachers of Sciences for all Primary Schools.

Thank you .

Ananda Philippe A. Negre

Doc Wash in Schools : WinS Promo

You can purchase this book   and give an order by E-mail to :


2-D Hazareshwar Colony, Udaipur (Raj.) 313001

Phone : 0294-2421087

E-mail: aryabook@gmail.com

If you wish to receive the coloring pictures in the background of the book to animate your courses in PDF file A4 and A3, send me an email to: ananda@vouesudr.org, I would send the file (25 MB, or 4 smaller depending on the browsers) as soon as possible.

Thank you.

All the small material that I use to present my lessons. A small microscope to show a few examples of bacteria, beads to explain the microbes, three bottles of water to explain drinking water, a nail cut, cotton stalks, an old one toothbrush and the WinS Program manual.



Awareness film (Rohit Gupta)

Micro Organism.mp4

Drinking Water.mp4 

Open Defecation.mp4

Waste management.mp4

Hand Washing.mp4

Haath, Munh,aur Bum.mp4

Hand Washing Sachin Tendulkar 

First Dentist Visit.mp4

No More Nasties Brushing for Kids !.mp4 

Links of the Videos

Awareness film (Rohit Gupta)          https://youtu.be/YgZkRxm_5PA

Micro Organism.mp4                         https://youtu.be/TUh4UZhnkag

Drinking Water.mp4                           https://youtu.be/2MWcSXpa_fc

Open Defecation.mp4                        https://youtu.be/6l6ZbECTXic

Waste management.mp4                    https://youtu.be/9gUrtLZTD0A

Hand Washing.mp4                             https://youtu.be/VLABPy8yIcI

Haath, Munh,aur Bum.mp4                https://youtu.be/RxVc03hgI-A

Hand Washing Sachin Tendulkar    https://youtu.be/aza01OlP-3w

First Dentist Visit.mp4                        https://youtu.be/qSAg3DYZosw

No More Nasties Brushing for Kids !.mp4         https://youtu.be/_Da0d58RTtI

Thank you to all these NGOs for sharing their documentation about the WinS Program.


Wash in Schools


– Campagne pour l’Inde Propre – Clean India Campain –

Swachh BHARAT Abhiyan – स्वच्छ भारत अभियान

Nous participons avec nos ateliers à la diffusion du message sur l’hygiène corporelle et les mesures a prendre pour rendre la vie de tous les jours plus saine.

We participate with our workshop in spreading the message

about personal hygiene and measures to be taken to

make life healthier every day.

हम हर दिन जीवन स्वस्थ बनाने के लिए उठाए जाने के लिए व्यक्तिगत स्वच्छता और उपायों के बारे में संदेश फैलाने में

हमारे कार्यशाला के साथ भाग लेते हैं।

Contribute in making India clean by the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

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