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1th JUNE 2017

We open the new tution in UDAIPUR

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On 15 December, we received the teacher Ms. SHABANA NATH and 22 students of class 12 school Maharana Mewar Public School of Udaipur, on the move during the course of geography. During this visit we discussed with students of various topical subjects, of the reality of life in rural areas for a small school such as ours. There will be surely of the suites in this visit.

On 7 December, we visited the school and the belivari center in Mohanpura. not far from Chirwa. During this visit we distributed clothes, shoes and school supplies.

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Our news School in CHIRWA 20160731_123640

This Friday, August 19, 2016, we disconnect our internet satellite from Multinet to reconnect themselves to Chirwa if possible…

At the moment we are looking for a new operator.

The absence will be short, I hope, and we will do our utmost to return quickly online with our new freshly open school.


Our NGO is changing, our building also…

We moved from BEDLA to CHIRWA to pass at  1 class to 5 classes.

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 This 29 July we again received the teachers A.K. Goswami, S.D. Purohit and C.P. Jain.

The discussion was more jovial and joint projects have seen the day towards our future school of Chirwa. Their courses in different areas of their Foundation Vet Al. is planned from September…

More other future projects to come for even more quality of education for children of Chirwa or Udaipur district. 

20160709_121902 Today, 9 July we again met at school SARVODAYA of Bedla Mr. S.N. TIWARI and his teachers to implement activities for grades 5 to 8.

We are very happy with this meeting. Follow…


 On July 8, 2016 we visited the small school NAYA GURHA U.P. SCHOOL of GIRWA on the invitation of its Director Mr. Yashwant PANDAY.



On June 29 we had the visit of professors of University A.K GOSWAMI, chemist and S.D. PUROHIT, botanist and Biotechnologiste. They offered us their Foundation Vet al services. so that we make them known in the schools interested in their projects.

This 27 June 2016 we were invited to participate in the working meeting of ChildFund in the Swaroop Vilas Hotel of Udaipur, theme on health, education and life skills.

We were 22 representatives (NGOS, University, school principal) to participate in the debate that lasted much of the day.



Saturday, June 18 at the invitation of Mr Panna Lal Vyas, to MERIT NAGAR of Bedla school, we met hundreds of teachers from schools of the Bargaon B.I.O. to talk about our mission and share our knowledge for future interventions in schools in the district. Catch of appointment you have been scheduled from July… It is with pleasure that we expect the following to give….

IMG-20160607-WA0011 IMG-20160607-WA0006 IMG-20160607-WA0007 IMG-20160607-WA0008
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June 03, 2016 come from national and local TV station ZEE TV our Bedla Office



June 03, 2016 from the local TV station ETV Rajasthan at our Bedla office


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June 03, 2016 from the local TV station Channel 6 our Bedla Office  




30 Mai 2016 Venue de la chaîne de télévision locale News 91 Udaipur à l’école d’EKLINGPURA pour un reportage sur nos activités. 

A compter du 20 Mai jusqu20160520_142228‘au 17 Juin 2016, tous les lundi et vendredi nous allons à l’école d’EKLINGPURA pour des activités extra scolaires telles que informatique, dessin, musique, calligraphie, dance.


Les 11, 12, 13, 18, 20, 21 et 22 Avril 2016 L’integralité du programme WASH a été donné à l’école Noble School de Bedla


09 Avril 2016 Programme WASH plus dessins et poêmes à l’école SARVODAYA


04 Avril 2016 Visite à Noble School à BEDLA   

14 Mars 2016 Première visite à l’école Shree Vikas Vidya Mandir à EKLINGPURA  20160314_104220


23 Mars 2016 Venue à notre office deCapture-3 la chaine NEW 91 UAIPUR





20160409_122153    05 Mars 2016 Progamme WASH à l’école SARVODAYA


i285415639387720259._rsw480h360_szw480h360_12/03/2016 The Winner NIKHIL MENARIA


9 March we made visit to the small school AAKASH GYAN PUBLIC SCHOOL of BICHHADI


This January 15 we returned to Chirwa to provide drawings of the contest last month and set the winners of each class and the finalist for the whole school is Nikhil MENARIA in class 7

capture_06042016_121237 18 Janvier 2016 

5, 7, 9 Janvier 2016 New Decoration in Chirwa schoolChirwa Paint

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