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The goal is to introduce students to the basics of the main programs of office automation and design such as Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint and Paint.

In all schools where we have been for these courses, a review of this material will be made. Based on the results (older versions or obsolete equipment) we will come with our own computers. We will put a minimum of 3 computers in place or will complete the number of computers already present on the spot.

Paint program

This program will be offered to the students which have not bases in computer science. It will allow them through the drawing to make a first approach to computing environment, how to use the mouse, different menus, and create a first personal document.

Program Word 

After the opening of the program, students will be guided to open a new document in which they begin by writing a few words in English (full name, class, address, family,…). Then pagination with fonts of colors and different sizes.

The next step will be to insert a wordart or pictures (clip art or picture), from the Gallery of pictures that we provide in addition.

Program Excel

The first exercise will be to schedule the week of school in table (days, lessons and time) and then will come the formatting with change font background color of frame with colors…

The next step will be setting up a table with figures such as notes or sports scores (cricket), in order to create graphics in various forms.

Program Publisher

Freedom of choice will be left to the student to a personal grip. This program will allow him to create all kinds of documents, it will be able to see the various possibilities offered to them. The advice will be tailored to each case.

Program Powerpoint

For the more seasoned the Powerpoint program will allow students to make more elaborate presentations and can them be used to prepare more complex presentations for a possible explanation on the topic to the class.

Each student will be followed and guided in a personal way on each case according to the software used on the lesson. At the end of each session all students files will be saved for future use, on media removable and preserved by the Professor of the NGO.


All the software mentioned and used for the course are the exclusive property of Microsoft® Office 2007 © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


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