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December 17 we visited the PRAGYA CHAKSHU SENIOR SECONDARY BLIND SCHOOL of Mala Talai in Udaipur. Of our arrival we were greeted by Madam principal: Dr. AABHA SHARMA and Mr. Dharmendra. The atmosphere was warm and relaxed. Students ended their reviews and we were able to meet them of 12.30 in classes, teachers were present.

During an hour and a half we discussed information about students and their daily needs in front of a cup of tea. Then in the conversation Mrs. La Principale retained the idea of outdoor activities, and it would be while we propose him for its students a schedule of different activities than those promulgated by the school such as games competition sport and discovery art, at the end of the winter holidays.

Professor Vijay Pandiya considered implement classes in french for juniors in the new year. Proposal let us plan together, because many students want high level jobs and we are very happy.

This meeting and these exchanges ended with all the professors, because it was the birthday of Mr Vijay Pandiya, and we were invited to this small friendly reception. What a beautiful day. After end of January.

 October 31, 2015 Govt Pragya Chakshu Senior Secondary Blind School



October 31 we met Mr HARISH SHARMA, Director of Governt Pragya Chakshu – S.S Blind School in Chipa Colony Malatalai… for the 2nd time.

We talked with Mr. VIJAY PANDHYA blind Professor of hindi, Sanskrit which made us part of their monthly needs. Then we shared moments of intense emotion with RAJU, SACHIN and LOUKESH when we visited the establishment.

Future visits are on the program. The children were happy about this meeting and we promised to see again them very soon.

26 Août 2013 Govt Praga Chakshu Upper Primary Andh School


Moments precious like that there cannot that we open the mind, heart and body. These blind children learned us what was hope, smile, sharing and faith. Despite their Visual or vocal handicap, they showed how much they had ambition and desire to succeed in life.

By providing this humble meal, they offered us a spiritual food. We were very touched by their love, an experience that one cannot forget.



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