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 This 27 June 2016 we were invited to participate in the working meeting of ChildFund in the Swaroop Vilas Hotel of Udaipur, theme on health, education and life skills.

We were 22 representatives (NGOS, University, school principal) to participate in the debate that lasted much of the day.


During the winter holidays and during 3 days we have been to Chirwa Govt Girls Upper Primary School team with Mrs. Sandhya SOLANKI and Mr. Prasad MENARIA to restore, decorate and clean this little school.

1 ° day Ananda sealed and restored the exterior of the kitchen door and joined Urvashi who decorated the towers of doors, windows, pillars and tables in the company of Sandhya and Prasad who followed the guidelines.

2 ° day while each decorated, others cut trees and cleaned the Court, not to mention small repairs on taps.

3 ° day a beautiful clock was painted on the wall with wooden childrens mobile needles, and other drawings were on Visual teaching aids. The pleasure has been immense for everyone and a team of children joined us to finish cleaning the yard and take care of the pruned trees. They were ten with their garbage to pick up papers, plastics and the rocks that littered the floor of the recreation yard. They were very brave.

We thank Sandhya SOLANKI for giving us the opportunity to access the school for its organized meals and our transport supported between Bedla and Chirwa Prasad MENARIA. We will continue the beautification of the school on the next vacation.

2014 – 2015

Mohini, Dhoya, Dadmiya, Gejvi, Oghna …….

To grow a child must evolve in a strong and healthy environment. All our actions are intended to improve the living conditions of the child, of his comrades, his family, his community, through appropriate development programs.



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