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Tution Class
Chirwa – Bijanwas Road
313002 CHIRWA Raj India

PHONE 9829519878

Educational qualification :

Primary studiy of certificate – business brevet – commercial private patent (accounting, english, commercial managment report, balance sheet business, shorthand and typing commercial and medical, medical private patent, ethymology, computeur word, excell, language french, english, armenian. Teacher in schools in paintings, songs, theater, calligraphy, animations….

Professional qualification :

boss store, president of creating association of art workshop, cultural activities of social classes. Private lessons, 15 years of exposure to oil paintings, drawing classes, trainer teacher and writer, middle age history and technics of paintings works of the monks of the twelve century. Gothic calligraphy, executes works in private and public institutions and authorities (heritage, school, college, university, foreign classes, hospitals and handicaps children, French language, mathematics primary school, and others basics education.

I am writer and I have had 3 associations for children and open also a website and blogs on internet I wrote 3 books in Europe about the life of the people, the spirituality, philosophy and poesy.and 2 are ready for editing. I travelled in all Europe, Asian, Orient, and I learn music tabla with NARENDRA BATAJU and learn dance Bharat Natyam with MALAVIKA MAMURTI;

I translate many philosophical books like Upanishads and translate the Bible, the Bhagavat Gita, in Hebreu and sanscrit….. teaching in adults the education of the life in conference.

I worked during 13 years for litigation in the Government Society, commerce and account

I can perform description job : teacher trainer in French and English language, in litterature, in mathematiques, in account, in music piano I have 55 years of piano lean, theater, poesy, songs, gothic calligraphy, history of arts and paintings. I have 43 years length of on the job experience like teacher in Europe.

I want to share my knowledge and the love of the job well done with these children.
To give them the opportunity to speak of their own experience and to discover their possibilities.
To develop manual dexterity in creating object and understand the commerce lessons.
To awake their mind towards their future vocation.
To grow up and become responsible adults.
To give them responsibilities by creating their own internal organization or association and reward them for their assiduity.
To give them the opportunity to become the substitute of teacher through the play and encourage their works seriously.

Teach them to manage themselves and build a project educative between them.
Teach them to keep accounts and to invest, explain them their trade.
Teach them to read, to write, to count in English, to play joke, to learn by the songs, the draw, the theater and other animations with recompense.

Work with computer
Learn to use the computer.
Open a blog and a website

Travelling in India is a great chance to experience another way of life.
Travelling is also a great way to make new acquainstances and friends, and the communication can often be a problem but at this time everyone speaks a little English in India.
we can have simple conversations on the train, in bus, in market, with children in the street.


I would like to visit orphanages and handicaped center for poor children and family to hear them talk about their daily needs for a better life, a healthier life, better education for their children and also better attention. Give this group of all project responsibilities the achievement needs of their center with a decision of the improvement and understanding of families listening to them projects.

Retain the school by the playfulness and learning using raw materials, teach them to build and to manage themselves through a basic primary education necessary for their education, giving them responsibilities and initiatives, teaching them respect, politeness, confidence, pride, grow and succeed in the face and with the other hold its place in the organization of the center.

Provide financial, material, educational, clothing and games for everyone and if necessary, more sophisticated means for the community.

Receive an education is vital for the economic, social and cultural development. Children must acquire basic knowledge, then learn to read and write through primary education and also the supervision of parents or friends.

It will allow him to develop his personality and identity as well as the physical and intellectual abilities . Education today will pass the common principles for future generations and thus preserve the values of an entire society . It improves the quality of life and provides adults and disadvantaged children a chance to escape poverty. It is an essential tool for all populations.

All children should be able to go to school , free education is a right to education , it must be free , good quality and objectives to be achieved. The educational aspect and playful arouse the interest of children, and I focused all my efforts on education because it is the passion that drives me.

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