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Teacher trainer SCULPTOR Ornemaniste

Technology courses ornemaniste sculpture and art history .

Introductions to basic techniques of using the tools and technical terms. Achievement of learning parts ( lost pieces guarded by the students).
Technical manual and mechanical sharpening by grinding , oil stone , morfillage , gouges and scrapers . Mastery of sharpening angles.
Fixation technique work run , facilities implemented.

Court art drawing and modeling in the preparation of work performance modeling clay . Master volume , relief, funds. Visualization of the final result.

Discovery and identification of wood species , their use , their characteristics.

Learning styles in the execution of similar patterns :
shell , acanthus, scroll , rosette , molding , etc … for furniture.
Techniques of low relief, high relief , high relief , fretwork openwork .

Learning mechanical work to the band saw , scroll saw , router , router , pneumatic or electric door , and learning the rules of safety and use of the various protections implemented tool.
Techniques on the chassis assembly of furniture , or to the composition of parts requiring great lengths or material thickness .

Preparation techniques and finishing wood for tinting , waxing, stain , gilding or varnishing .
Introduction to artistic sculpture and its specificities.
Introduction to wood turning , tools , various techniques.
Management of computing time or unit costs and selling prices.


Technology courses and art history in woodworking and carpentry building.

Basic techniques of using the common technical tools and terms to two trades; furniture and building, achieving learning parts ( lost pieces guarded by the students).
Technical sharpening of hand tools, power per wheel , oil stone , morfillage , chisels and planes . Mastery of sharpening angles .
During technical drawing for the establishment of plan -wide rule 1.
Technical working machines with mechanical learning safety rules implemented on each of them (band saw , circular saw, jointer , planer , shaper , mortiser , tenoning machine , sander)
Discovery of the woods , their uses, their defects.
Fixation technique work, collage, montage frame furniture or woodwork , hardware , siding or other bronze facades .
Technical assemblies of the two businesses and introduction to the arrangement .
Preparation techniques and finishing of wood for the tinting , waxing, stain , gilding , painting or varnishing .
Inventory Management : wood, hardware, fasteners , painting , glue …..
Estimated hourly or unit costs and selling prices.


Technology courses and mensuration .
Basic techniques of use of specific forestry equipment chainsaw, ax , tools, lifting, traction , suspension harnesses for aerial work and small hand tools .
Preparation of mechanical equipment , operation, repairs , food, sharpening , equipment protection and security. Determination of fuel , lubricants .
Logging techniques , pruning , shaping, hauling , means implemented.
Mastery of traction equipment and rigging, ensuring the safety of loggers , site preparation slaughter loopholes.
Resource management of a team of loggers , mechanical equipment.
Managing logging with knowledge of species , their uses and specifications own slaughter.
Management costs , calculation of airspaces , surfaces .


Introduction to the fight against the fire, approach the fireplace to master the means
Resource management of a team of fire officers , equipment and devices against fire .
Measures to implement alerts, setting security ( cut gas, electricity).
Management of emergency signage , display instructions clearance escape route, control equipment.
Support for people on the disaster, their evacuation;
Basic first aid vital gestures .

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