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La mission de Voice Of Universal Education Society


Our mission is dedicated to service of the unfortunate and disadvantaged children in our society and we are confident that we can go a long way in helping others.

Our NGO working for vulnerable children and we are expanding our ability to support these children in improving their lives. We visit orphanages and we provide food, support material and provide arts activities to develop their mind improving the conditions and quality of life in these structures, and now it’s the excitement!

During these visits, we take time to listen to them talk about their daily needs for a better life, a better education and a better attention. Our NGO helps manage themselves through a basic primary education, giving them ways to opening for artistic activities such as painting, the music, singing, learning of spoken languages English, French, computer science, writing, woodcarving, cabinet making, carpentry building, that can give them responsibilities and taking initiatives.

Our desire is to develop a manual dexterity in creating objects and encourage the personal work of children. We provide assistance material, educational, clothes and games for everyone, and if necessary the means more sophisticated for the community.

Education is vital for the economic, social and cultural development. Children need to acquire basic knowledge by learning of the reading, writing, thanks to primary education which will allow them to develop their personality and identity as well as their physical and intellectual abilities.

Education through common principles for future generations and so preserves the values of an entire society.

It improves the quality of life and provided to the disadvantaged a chance to get out of poverty. It is an essential tool for the entire population, a strong foundation for a lifetime.

All they are physically or mentally disabled or even abandoned children have the same opportunity in education than any other. We focus all our efforts on this task because it is the mission of sharing that drives us.

Education is an essential part of a child’s future, a home for the children of the desert, the sponsorship of individual to go to school; We help change attitudes by bringing all our help you need to develop.

Our goal is to provide education, vocational training, and a self-confidence to youth and help them become stronger, more self-sufficient, supporting their needs as well as to their families and communities.

We assist children with their homework by helping them improve their English, offering workshops on general knowledge, help children in the villages with little access to water and hygiene to have a chance to wash, to receive care and clothing and we implemented programs on hygiene.

We collect all of our talents, and it should be noted that we contribute also to the restoration and rehabilitation of the local heritage, wearing old, furniture, paintings rajasthanis or others.

Individual donors help local children offering them a scholarship so that they receive a good education, this system then allows them to buy a goat, a cow and a small stall.

Many children are waiting for sponsorship, offer them the tuition so that their future is best.

Each sponsored child is supported on a regular basis. This sustainable aid allows him to learn to read, write, count and be protected. According to the program on the spot, there are three types of sponsorship to help children:

Name sponsorship for a child.

Of a group of children sponsorship.

Sponsorship of shares expanded the community.

Donations – दान

To grow a child must evolve in a strong and healthy environment. All the actions carried out and supported by Voice Of Universal Education Society are intended to improve the living conditions of the child and his classmates, his family, his community, through appropriate development programs.

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